Research to identify your ancestors

Friday, January 11, 2008

Step 2...Gather

In genealogy work, we always begin with our self and work backwards on our four grandparents family lines, following the SURNAMES. The first important word is GATHER...we need to know what family information WE ALREADY order to know what information WE STILL NEED.

Go all around your house and look in every drawer, box, closet, nook and cranny. Look in your garage, attic, basement. What are we looking for?....DOCUMENTS such as birth and death certificates, diplomas, awards, journals, diaries, individual personal histories, letters, photos, deeds, wills, personal and family memorabilia, pieces of paper...anything that gives a clue that family members really existed. Whose papers and items are we looking for?....OURS....OUR PARENTS....OUR GRANDPARENTS... and aunts, uncles and cousins.

Get 6 large envelopes or boxes. Put your name on one. Put your parents name on one. Put one of your four grandparents name on one. .......and do the same for each of your other grandparents (for FEMALES...always use their maiden name in genealogy work). Then as you find and gather these items put them, one at a time, into one of these envelopes or boxes....according to who they belong or refer to. Items belonging to children of grandparents (or others)...put with the male parent.