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Friday, November 14, 2008

Genealogy/Family History Project Ideas...#4

(Note...see the very beginning of this blog for important steps on how to get started on your genealogy).

----- Make a "Book of Remembrance" -----

A "Book of Remembrance" is a collection of personal and family records and happenings that you regard as sacred. They may be put into acid free sheet protectors and into a 3-ring binder or something similar, that is acid free and archival safe. This book could contain the following:

* A Pedigree Chart including as many ancestors as you have been able to trace.

* Family Group Sheets for husbands and wives on the pedigree chart, including their children's names, dates and places.

* Certificates of any family members, such as birth, blessing, baptism, marriage, death, and copies of patriarchal blessings, special blessings, father's blessings, etc.

* Personal information about any individual on the family group sheets such as occupations, schools attended faith-promoting experiences.

* Impressions at baptisms, ordinations, or marriages; special experiences.

* Summaries of blessings...blessings of children, confirmations, ordinations, blessings when we are set apart for various callings in the Church.

* Items related to spiritual blessing and heritage.

* Family histories.

* Selected accounts from the personal journals of family members.

* Family photographs with explanations (names, date, place, occasion, relationship to you).

* Our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.