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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Genealogy/Family History Project Ideas...#5

(Note...see the very beginning of this blog for important steps on how to get started on your genealogy).

----- A Project....If Your Hobby and Talent is Woodworking -----

I have two sons that have a side business and talent of making furniture and other items out of wood for people. They followed certain steps, which gave me this idea for a project you can leave for your family:

1) They sketched a picture of the item they were going to build.

2) Periodically as they were building the item, they would take photographs of it.

3) When the item was completed, they again took photographs of it from different angles.

4) They put their sketches and photographs of each item they built, into an album.

So, if your talent and hobby is creating things out of wood (or metal, or whatever).....follow the steps above and form a nice keepsake album of your work. Leaving an album such as this for your posterity will enrich their understanding of you and the talent you were blessed with. Maybe one of the items you make will become a family heirloom some day!